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The most favorable options for car rental in the long term in Belarus with Naniko

In a world of rapid changing and high technological innovation need to quickly adapt to the passage of time and reasonably use the various innovations for personal purposes and for the development and successful operation of the business. Such innovations also affect various services, which include also the services of long-term car rental in Belarus, which is ideal for working professionals. By choosing this package, proposed by the company of Naniko, you can concentrate on your work while our highly qualified specialists will take care of your mobility needs. The abundance of advantages and customized solutions are available to you in exchange for a monthly fee, which includes the vehicle at the agreed time, a choice of additional services, including maintenance and support. You will use the car during the term of the contract, while avoiding regulatory issues related to registration, insurance, property taxes, maintenance, and more.
At the end of the contract Naniko also takes care of all the issues on the resale of used vehicle, taking on the risks associated with a decrease in the cost of cars. Thus, you get a perfect opportunity to have always a new car at the most affordable and absolutely unique and advantageous conditions.
The industry, which is an integral part of the successful operation of your business, Naniko gives you a unique opportunity to invest in quality, in a strong strategic partnership for long-term car rent and fleet management.

Make the right choice and invest profitably in rent a car in the long term in Belarus with Naniko!

Business of our company is primarily aimed at professionals and companies of various sizes, who want to use the advantages provided by this package. The period of this type of lease can be from 12 to 60 months, taking into account the content of the delegation of a single vehicle or fleet management of all administrative and legal issues associated with it.

Thus, in the monthly fixed fee you will receive a package of products and services, including:
• Car
• Casco insurance
• Property tax
• Standard and extraordinary service
• Technical assistance in the extensive network of service centers across the country
• Management of claims and fines
• Replacement and use of winter tires at no additional cost
• Any replacement of the car

Package car for rent a car for long term is an ideal solution because it does not require a one-time capital investment in the industry, is not your direct line of business, simplifies administration and frees you from worries about the fleet.

Learn more about all the benefits of car rent in the long term in Belarus from the company of Naniko!

The process of registration of the contract is simple and with the presentation of all relevant documents in your possession are the most qualified specialists of our company, which will help you in choosing the right car and all the related services. Since the signing of the contract and the selection of vehicles, after a certain period of time you will have chosen vehicle. For a waiting period of your car, we temporarily give you another auto. Working with the world’s leading car manufacturers, we are able to provide the most comprehensive range of cars, the possibility of selecting a category, and even the color of the machine.
During the contract terms, you can use the services of the authorized service centers, a list of which you will receive initially.
All our customers have constant access to our experts, are designed to immediately adjust any problems encountered, within the framework of the contract, as they arise.