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Suggestions and additional services on car rental in Belarus by Naniko

Those who intend to travel to Belarus, should be aware that the geographical position of the country more than anything else caused its history for centuries. Being located in the center of Europe, Belarus was in the way of the great invasions and more than once has been invaded by various conquerors. The country is characterized by special features, since 39% of the occupied lands, which in total is approximately 207,000 square kilometers, is covered by forests. The country is a vast plain, one-third of which is forested. Here there are 99,000 rivers and streams and 11,000 lakes complete the picturesque landscape of Belarus, which is not by chance called the ground with blue eyes. Thus, if you make your entertaining trip to this country, it would be reasonable to use car rental and additional services in Belarus, provided by Naniko, in order to satisfy your needs and make the trip safe and comfortable.
In our range of additional services you can find your desired options, which include additional insurance coverage, assistive devices and accessories, and more. You just need to identify and select those that most suited to your style of travel and indicate when booking, or later upon the pickup of vehicle.

Through our portal, you can easily discover the wide spectrum of accessories and extra services for rent a car in Belarus, which Naniko puts at your disposal for complete relaxation and comfort.

Choose the comfort and safety of your trip with the best additional services for rent a car in Belarus from Naniko!

In our vehicles you will always find the right way with our satellite navigation, you arrive at the right place in the blink of an eye without wasting time, effort and finances. In any office and the rental point of Naniko you can choose an efficient navigation with a list of updated maps and without interference could enjoy carefree routes in your trip. GPS navigator also you can book and pay in advance or on the spot.

Available is the option of co-driver, by which you will be able to share the pleasure of driving with your fellow travelers. You have the option to add one or more additional drivers, which are respectively the contract will have the rights and obligations and be able to fully share with you the responsibility during the trip, meanwhile, you can relax and enjoy the scenery.

Particular attention is required when children are traveling with you. The issue of safety is a priority for us, and so we provide a large range of car seats for children. Seats vary in height and weight of the child and is required by law for children up to 12 years or up to 1.5 meters of height. We strongly recommend that you do not lose sight of this option and to book in advance, so that our staff were able to book it for you and for a comfortable and safe journey of your child.

Belarus is famous for its snowy winters and if your trip falls on the winter season, there will be useful for you to take advantage of our range of winter accessories that allow you to travel in any weather. For better traction with a snowy or icy road efficient to use the snow chains. For skiing enthusiasts are offered convenient holders of sports equipment, which can be easily installed on a car rent.

Your safe and easy way begins with the choice of car rent and extra services in Belarus, proposed by Naniko!

You have also the opportunity to select the fuel policy options on which you will receive the car with empty or with a full tank. In either case, there are certain rules when you return the car, about which you can get detailed information from the operator or at the place of arrival.